We deliver to your hotel lobby

Use the stroller for the duration of your stay

We pick up the stroller when you’re ready to leave


How it works

For guests staying within a twenty-mile radius of Celebration, Florida, your delivery and pick up will be free of charge. As our goal is to meet you in the hotel lobby at the same time as your arrival, we will contact you 24-48 hours before your trip to schedule the perfect time to meet. At the time of delivery, we will provide a quick showcase of all the features of the stroller and a copy of your rental agreement. The night before your scheduled pick-up, we will reach out to arrange a time that works for your family and again meet you in the lobby of your hotel. In an effort to make your time in Orlando more relaxing we can accommodate differing drop off and pick-up locations, we ask that you please just specify in the comments section of your order! 

Why Theme Park Strollers

A stroller gives your child a comfortable place to rest, while giving parents a peace of mind as your family tackles the many adventures that Orlando has to offer. While strollers are available to rent at local theme parks, their hard-plastic design creates an uncomfortable and hot environment for their riders and must be returned before leaving the park. Renting from Theme Park Strollers ensures a quick and painless delivery and pick-up process as well as a safe and comfortable riding experience in our Baby Jogger brand strollers that can travel with you throughout your entire journey.